The Honolulu Chocolate Company
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The chocolatiers begin their mornings at six a.m. in the kitchen located right behind the showroom in Ward Centre. Our chocolates are made in small quantities using only the finest and freshest ingredients. Our original recipe began by using the freshest heavy cream and rich butter from local island dairies combined with a unique blend of Belgium and French chocolate.


Our product line includes almonds, pecans, cashews and of course locally grown macadamia nuts as well as oreo cookies, caramels, coffee beans, blueberries, tropical fruits and toffee to create a wide variety of dark, milk and white chocolate delicacies.

Our product line now includes over 100 items. If you visit the store you may very likely smell the fresh aromas of nuts roasting, creamy caramel being made and wafting of chocolate as it is melted to produce our quality products.